"DNA is about thorough and intensive discipleship, building strong and sustainable foundations into trainee's lives. The emphasis is on developing Jesus-style character. It provides tools and opportunities to dig deep and ask questions into core issues of motivation, security and identity. I'd recommend DNA to anyone at any life-stage as it fast tracks them to maturity, and therfore effectiveness, more than anything else I know. I find it really helpful to get emerging leaders to do DNA - three out of five of our leadership team have done DNA."

Ness Wilson

Open Heaven Church, Loughborough

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Internship with Urban Saints and a local church

Why not embrace a year of challenging discipleship training with DNA, in partnership with a local church and Urban Saints


LEVEL UP is a life-altering "hot house" year through which you will be radically discipled in the context of church, for a life of service to Jesus and being an agent for His Kingdom. This is a year in with God, not a year out. It’s risky, radical and life changing. It’s about faith in action; what you'll learn is what you'll do. It will equip you for church-based and work-based leadership. It will develop you in character, skills and understanding – and it’s an accredited programme through the Laser Learning Awards.
The LEVEL UP programme offers…
The LEVEL UP year runs from October through to August and is open to adults aged 18+ (or 17 in Scotland)
The discipleship training in LEVEL UP is run by DNA and comprises…
  • Three residential training blocks which occur at the beginning, middle and end of your year
  • Thirteen two-day blocks which are spread over your year

Term dates 2014/2015
Term 1 : 6 October - 21 December 2014
Term 2 : 5 January 2015 - Easter period
Term 3 : Easter period - 28 August 2015 
Intern Costs - 2014/2015
£3300 - if based in your own church and living independently with rent and other bills
£3900 - if based in your own church and living without household bills;
£4500 - includes food and accommodation if based away from your own church;
Fees are payable termly.
Optional Costs
£290 - registration and certification costs for DNA: Theological Development and Mentoring
£200 - Kairos
£55 each - Mission specific training days